Austenco is the leading supplier of Surface Finishing Technology in Iran. It is more than two decades that our company is supplying equipment, consumable material and is delivering training services to Iranian various industrial sectors like, automobile, Oil/Gas/Petrochemical, household appliances,  glassware, bolt & nut, plastic injection, aluminum die casting, forging and many others. Being the main reference of surface finishing in Iran, many hundreds of Mold Repair and Finishing Workshops are currently in close contact with Austenco for purchasing their needs, asking for technical consultation, and the most importantly; keeping themselves up to date about new solutions…

Austeco has always been known as an innovative organization. We always present latest improvements of technology in the field of surface finishing. Therefore, if this is the first time you are reading about us and you think you have something new for cooperation, we would be glad to receive your proposals. 

We are importing from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China. We have also our own manufactured products e.g. Mold Welder, and micro-motor grinding units, which at present is for domestic market only and we are planning for export for coming years.